Zero risk, when making a purchase! Warranty PayPal.

If you choose to pay online by credit card, we have the perfect solution for you.
No commission and zero risk. The online payment system better known to the world, PayPal, there allows you to make these claims.

In fact, the credit card details are encrypted during the whole transmission and are handled directly by PayPal, the leading online payment. Your data we do not see them even go and not stored anywhere. This is because at the time of the payment transaction is done on PayPal's secure systems, external to our website. When the payment is completed will be the PayPal system to reinviarti from the site where you started to continue browsing.

If you prefer, you can still pay by bank transfer. Choose this mode if you are more comfortable: a level of risk, there is no difference. The risk is always zero.

Only original products, new and reliable source.

Our products are always original, new and especially reliable source.

The transparency first. Even at the cost of losing some business on the street, we prefer to be highly transparent. We buy our products only from qualified suppliers , we may at any time ensure the legitimate origin of the goods and traceable.

We avoid buying from third party retailers, we prefer to buy directly from the manufacturer, which invests us the title of Authorized Resellers. This allows us to sell the product to be sure of its authenticity, and you customers will not be surprised.

If you change your mind or you are not feasting with your purchase, you're 100% refunded.

The Italian law provides for any purchase at a distance the ability to return a purchase within 14 working days and to be 100% refunded. The only cost that you claim are the shipping charges to return the product.

This legislation is a guarantee for the consumer who buys online. However, even without this legislation, we would have done the same. Why Our goal is to have happy customers that talk about us to friends and come back to us again.